Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Indy Star "Newspaper" Not Up on the News

The Indiana Secretary of State--and the Indiana State Police--have found multiple instances of the setups for vote-fraud in that State.

The "newspaper" report on the story leaves out actual news, of course.

In Veritas' second video, released BEFORE the dateline on the Indy Star story, one of the (D) criminal conspirators tells the Veritas spy that 'Indiana is a target' for vote-fraud activities because--like Michigan--it has very loose registration laws.  (No kidding!!  Read the story;  a second-grader could game Indiana's system.)

The reporter for the Indy Star is well on his way to a career at CNN where anchorettes have proclaimed that the US already has term-limits on Congresscritters.

O tempora!!  O mores!!!

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