Monday, October 10, 2016

Vacay Observations

Spent some quality time with She Who Must Be Obeyed and one of the chilluns, SIL's, and g'kids.


The bypass in Chicago is finally done.  Expensive, too.

Roads in Wisconsin are just as good as roads in TN, GA, and IN.

Indiana I-65 reconstruction is a pitiable hot mess.  Two years running.

I-24 at Chat'nooga needs another lane.  But that requires moving a big chunk of mountain.

Gasoline here is mid-price compared to 5 other States.

Holiday Inn at Franklin, TN is an exceptionally nice facility.  Pricey, but nice.

Comfort Suites/Airport in Louisville is a very good value.  Older facility but VERY clean, spacious.

Wisconsin cigarettes are significantly over-taxed.

God is good.  Weather was perfect every single day, going and coming.

Chrysler mini-van will get 27MPG with the hammer down.

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William said...

When I drove to Louisiana, I kept it at 65 and got 35.6mpg in my Forester. At 70, it dropped to 27.9. I set it back to 65.