Sunday, June 12, 2016

Why Scott Walker Nixed the Exchange

Scott Walker refused to create a Wisconsin exchange for ObozoCare.  The Left screeched, as is their wont.  But Walker foresaw what Alaska is now undergoing.

The death spiral has finally hit Obamacare, at least in one state. GOP politicians in Alaska who say they are opposed to the law are creating a new fund to prevent it from collapsing.

Alaska has already lost several of the insurers on its Obamacare exchange. Next year it will be down to just one remaining company selling policies. That company, Blue Cross Blue Shield, will need to raise premiums substantially in order to cover costs. Faced with the possible collapse of the state’s exchange, which currently insures 23,000 people, the state’s Republican governor recommended passing a law to use state funds to keep prices down....

There will be more of this; the Silly States who jumped aboard the ObozoCare trainwreck will be facing the same problem as time goes on.  Alaska just happened to be the first.

Meantime, Ron Johnson did not "fight" to stop ObozoCare.  

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