Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Globaloney Crowd Head-Explosion

Bayou RenMan has a very solid essay on Brexit which features the most inane and disconnected editorial I've seen on the topic, from the LA Times.

See how One World twits dissemble, smear, and condescend, their bowties quivering with high dudgeon and their keyboards flecked with wine-and-brie-flavored spittle:

...We find ourselves in a moment of global fear. The democratic identities of Britain and the United States are under threat — not from immigrants or even changing values, but from nationalists and xenophobes exploiting citizens' darkest worries with populist projects, including Donald Trump’s campaign for the U.S. presidency and Brexit....

... The same people who cheer when Trump laments the decline of American leadership want to ignore key global issues and put “America First.” The people who voted for Brexit, attempting to create a border between Britain and challenges such as the refugee crisis, seem to think Britain can solve such problems without consulting Germany or France or, worst of all to them, Brussels....

... The world doesn’t work that way, and it hasn’t for decades. Ever-increasing globalization has created an unprecedented surge in prosperity, but it has also ushered in jarring changes. The rough edges of those changes can only be overcome with more aggressive cooperation and engagement, not less
....Quoted at RenMan

It is noteworthy that a number of Labor districts (that's the Brit Lefty gang) voted "leave" while their elected member of Parliament was campaigning for "remain."  This is a direct parallel to the significant "Reagan Democrat" support given to Trump.  Thus, HRC v. Trump polling may be skewed.

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is Hillary Clinton going to jail?