Thursday, June 30, 2016

Just How NeoCon Is Scott Walker?

Neumayr excoriates the intellectualoid NeoCon bow-tie crowd.  One interesting graf:

...Notice that the neocons so appalled by Trump’s vulgarity defend the much deeper vulgarity of the elite’s social revolution. Trump is not to their taste. But gay marriage is. That in part explains why a Supreme Court stacked by Hillary doesn’t terrify them very much. They wouldn’t want gay marriage rulings overturned, they feel largely comfortable with the feminist world Roe v. Wade created, and they find the religious-freedom pleas of the Kim Davises tiresome. On many of the hot-button social issues before the court, they agree with Hillary. And on matters of trade, immigration, and war, they feel more kinship with her than with Trump....

While Scott Walker is anti-abortion, he visibly shrugged at the queer-marriage decision, mumbling something about 'the rule of law,' which 'law' happens to be utterly preposterous.

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