Saturday, June 18, 2016

Bloomberg: Un-persuasive on Guns

One is not surprised to learn that Bloomberg's editors stand with the radicals on 'gun control.'  Of course, they work carefully to seem bipartisan and reasonable.  But in the end it's the same old song:  trust Gummint.

More specifically, Bloomberg would trust the "no-fly" list, as proposed by Feinstein and King.  And since we all know that the no-fly list is chock-full of errors, they kindly allow for appeals.  Wow.  Innocent people have been appealing their placement on that list and have not succeeded.  Or if they have, it has taken years.  Bloomberg knows this and attempts to get around it by yammering about 'no rights to convenience.'

In other words, they changed the subject.  "Convenience" is not the question.  The fundamental right to self-defense and the right to overthrow oppressors is the question.  And when some flunky twit "erroneously" (or maliciously) puts one's name on a Prohibited Persons list--that's oppression.

Neither Feinstein/King nor the Cornyn proposal are going anywhere, of course.  Even if they did, terrorists and criminals would continue to be armed.  But so will the good guys, no matter the whining from Bloomberg.

One more thing:  buying a cupcake is not a fundamental right, no matter the "mind" of the Bloomie editors.  But let's try this one:  printing drivel in the press should be done only by licensed-and-approved people.   Because printing drivel is like buying cupcakes. 

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