Monday, June 27, 2016

US Border Patrol Smuggling Drugs and People

Border Patrol and US military personnel are smuggling drugs and participating in human trafficking.’s people inside Border Patrol and inside the military who have long been involved in smuggling drugs, as well as smuggling humans. They’re well aware of it. They don’t talk about it much but it’s well known inside. I’ll be doing a story in the Fall about corruption inside the Border Patrol which is just out of control. There’s so many agents. The cartels place people inside Border Patrol now, smugglers place people inside Border Patrol get them hired there. It’s a big issue....

That's Sharyl Atkisson, speaking to Breitbart News.

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Anonymous said...

I thought you might be interested in these two links.

Nonmilitary federal agencies have spent almost US$1.5 billion on guns, ammunition, and military-style equipment.

A new report by a taxpayer watchdog group reveals that the growing militarization in the United States goes beyond police departments by showing how nonmilitary federal agencies are arming themselves like military units.