Thursday, June 09, 2016

Buying Rockets at Wally World and Paying the Price

So John McPain, on the take from Elon Musk, wants to use Musk's rockets to launch US intel satellites.  We need those intel-sats.  Musk's rockets are not very reliable, so the McPain Plan is encountering pushback.

What rocket engines do we use right now?  RusskiRockets!!  Yup.  The Russians supply rocket engines for US satellite launches.  They've been doing that since 2000

(Remember who was in the Oval Office for 8 years, ending in the year 2000?  Now, now--stop that.  We know you're thinking that Bill and Hill pimped out the US to the Russkis for their own Foundation's enrichment.)

Anyhow.  Why does the US continue to buy its rocket engines from the Russkis?  Because they are cheaper, that's why.  If we actually used US-built rockets to launch US intel-satellites, we would have to pay more.

It's the Wally World economy,  right?

Do I think that McPain's plan to stuff Elon Musk with DoD dollars is a good one?  Well, it can't be worse than the plan of the other Aging Grifters, the Clintons.

But that brings up a question:  why is the US in a position where it has to feed one grifter or another grifter for INTEL SATELLITES??? 

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