Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Is Ron Johnson Partially Blind?

Yesterday, Sen. Ron Johnson whistled past the graveyard of Muslim immigration policy, telling a couple of radio hosts that  "...here in America we need positive engagement in Muslim communities, we need to ensure, as best we can the full assimilation of any immigrant populations so people don't feel alienated from society. So then there's less chance of them self-radicalizing,..."  Johnson suggested that defeating ISIS overseas is the best path to defeating ISIS in the USA.

We suggest that Sen. Johnson is partially blind to the reality at hand.  His formulation implies that 'full assimilation' will erase--void--the religious beliefs of all Muslims.  Johnson does not understand that religion, which has been at war with Christians and Jews for more than 1,000 years.

As Andrew McCarthy has stated, there is an "...irrefutable nexus between Islamic scripture, sharia supremacism, and jihadist terror...."  So although most Muslims may well assimilate (and many have already done so), there are plenty who will not.

McCarthy has another suggestion.

...It is simply, undeniably, a fact that some Muslim mosques and surrounding communities are hotbeds of Islamic supremacism, a fundamentalist interpretation of Islam that holds that Muslims must struggle against non-believers — by force and by all other means –- until Allah’s law (sharia) is established throughout the world. Islamic supremacism is not the only way of construing Islam, and millions of Muslims reject it. This, however, does not undo the remorseless fact that millions of Muslims accept it, that it is a mainstream construction of Islam (it is, for example, the Islam of the Muslim Brotherhood), and that it has a considerable following in the West....

Therefore, US authorities should be concentrating their attention on certain mosques.

...Following the 9/11 attacks, counterterrorism policy shifted away from the Clinton approach of treating radical Islamic terrorism as a law-enforcement challenge, which essentially meant prosecutions only after Americans had been killed. The new strategy regarded jihadism as a national-security challenge and aimed to prevent attacks from happening. Such a strategy must be intelligence-driven. It must be based on an understanding of the nature of the threat and surveillance of the places where the threat thrives....

In McCarthy's valuable opinion, those threats are most significant where the Muslim Brotherhood is in control.

There you go, Senator.  Let's proceed with BOTH eyes open.

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