Friday, June 24, 2016

Brexit Echoes

If the Beltway Crowd still doesn't get the TEA Party phenomenon, all they have to do is read today's global headline.

Fifty-two percent of the Brits just told a bunch of pantywaist Elites in a far-off city to take their regulations, taxes, and immigration policies and shove them where the sun never shines.



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Jeff Sessions on Brexit

.........In negotiations and relationships, national leaders should first ensure they have protected the safety and legitimate interests of their own people. This principle has been eroded and Brexit is a warning for America. Our British friends have sent the message loud and clear.

The interests of powerful international corporations, media, special interests, and leftist international forces are not coterminous with those of our people. This we must understand. The ultimate interest that our government is legally and morally bound to serve is that of our people........

.....We must remember that the European Union began as a seemingly benign economic agreement, and we must not forget, that as Secretary of State, with negotiating responsibility for the TPP, Hillary Clinton promoted it and called it the ‘gold standard’ for a trade deal. That should give us all pause. This sovereignty eroding trade deal is in perfect accord with her globalist agenda.......

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5 of the 10 wealthiest counties in the USA are located 50 miles or less from Washington DC

2015-2016 wealthiest counties in the USA

1. Loudoun County, Virginia – The top counties in the state are the Loudoun County of Virginia. This is the county, whose name comes at the top of all the nations, and the most important factor is the annual per capita or medium income of the population of the state. The value reached $117, 876 in the last. Census to declare it to be richest county in the entire US. 47 mi from Washington, DC

2. Howard County, Maryland – In the second rank come one of the best looking counties of US and the best of Maryland. The per capita income of the population has been $108 844 , and that is the second highest among all the counties of US. The state enjoys the best job scenario for the engineers and doctors. 37 mi from Washington, DC

3. Fairfax County, Virginia – The third name in the list is another top union or county of US. It is from Virginia and the per capita income of the county people is near about $107, 096. It is the highest among all the counties in Virginia and is a great place to nd a job for you. 15 mi from Washington, DC

4. Hunterdon County, New Jersey – New Jersey is one of the top states of US, in terms of the capital income. This county from the state is the highest among all and thus it is placed at the fourth place. The per capita income of the people of the county, according to the last census, has been recorded as $105, 186.

5. Arlington County, Virginia – Here is the second wealthiest county from Virginia. This was once at the top of the list, but after the rescission, it came down to the fth rank. The capita income of the people of the state has been recorded as $100, 474 , which is really on the higher side. 13 mi from Washington, DC

6. Stafford County, Virginia –

Virginia the wealthiest state of US has another county in it which enjoys the name in the list of the top richest counties of US. The per capita income of the people living there is around $97, 606. It has been one of the most stable counties in US, even at the time of the rescission. 46 mi from Washington, DC

7. Putnam County, New York – It is the richest county of New York. The population of the state is highest in entire US and thus the per capita income of the state also goes down.

It still managed to be in the top list in the seventh rank and the data of the per capita income of the county is $96, 223.

8. Somerset County, New Jersey –

Here is another county from one of the richest state of the nation, New Jersey. The county has a per capita income of $95, 825, which is one of the top in the state. The county has been one of the best employers among the US states and counties.

9. Douglas County, Colorado – The richest county of the state of Colorado is there in the list too. The

per capita income of the people residing in the county is around $95, 324, which is quite enough to place the county in the ninth position in the list of the top richest counties.

10. Morris County, New Jersey – The tenth name of the richest counties is again from the New Jersey. This county is there in the list for a long time and thus it proved that it is the county with a stable income and the average of that is around $95, 294.

All the states that are mentioned above are the top among the numerous states and the counties are placed in the list according to the data of the last census.