Sunday, June 26, 2016

College: Not for Learning Anymore

A couple of items have appeared over the last few days which add straw's to the seriously-bending camel's back once thought of as "education" <e-ducere, Latin, 'to lead out...' [of ignorance]>

The U of North Carolina's PC Nazis have declared that reference to the "Christmas Holiday" is a micro-aggression, as is referring to 'boys' or 'girls.'

And The Warrior's head explodes over this one:

...According to [U. of Northern Colorado] documents obtained by Heat Street under Colorado’s Open Records Act, a professor asked his students to read The Atlantic’s “The Coddling of the American Mind” (co-authored by FIRE President and CEO Greg Lukianoff). The piece warns that the growing institutionalization of aversion to presenting views that students may find offensive or disagreeable deprives students of the opportunity to confront views they disagree with. The professor engaged students in a discussion about opposing viewpoints on, among other things, transgender issues, prompting one student to file a Bias Incident Report with university administrators....

The University administration actually took the complaint seriously, admonishing the professor for encouraging debate on the Atlantic's essay.

We have long suspected that university "education" is--by and large--a waste of money.  Seeing the day-to-day work-product of many, many college grads is evidence enough, without even delving into their thinking "ability."

But now we know why:  the Administrations are largely brain-dead.

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