Monday, June 27, 2016

Judges in Milwaukee Cause Crime

If you think that headline is wrong, just read the report.

...[There is] a pattern of defendants – even felons who have shot at people or are drug dealers – [who bail out quickly on a few thousand dollars (median bail in gun court: $5,000), commit new crimes as their cases languish for months (sometimes very serious ones), defy pretrial supervision rules with little more than a judicial scolding (sometimes repeatedly), and often escape lengthy sentences at the end, with about 40 percent avoiding prison time now (not counting stayed terms)....UW-M student study summary quoted at Right Wisconsin.

The students examined 550 cases over a 9-month period.

Yes, indeed.  Milwaukee judges cause crime.  In fact, one could say that they are co-conspirators.  Now you know why the cops and firemen want to get the Hell out of that town.

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