Monday, June 27, 2016

The Usual Suspects Oppose Stepp

Doesn't take long to find the slant and bias in Madison's propaganda-rag "story" on Kathy Stepp's reforms of DNR, does it?  The bugs, bunnies, and bambi crowd runs rampant in Madistan.

DNR has long been used as the Green-Weenie/Radical Left's weapon, just like Obozo's IRS and the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board have been.  

Stepp is in territory salted with hostiles.  (It is not co-incidence that DNR staffers wanted to protect a snake).  She's conducting a re-formation of DNR which will fix its very serious staffing problems--and is taking fire for it.  That's the "no good deed goes un-punished" bromide in real life.

In a related story, the Obozo regime has sent its storm troopers into the fray over Stepp's plans for the Baraboo ammo-works property.  The National Park Service's beak should be bashed, and Walker/Stepp are just the people to do it.

Go, Kathy!!

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