Sunday, June 12, 2016

NPR News: Radio By Idiots

While I was driving this morning, NPR was broadcasting "news" about the Orlando ISIS massacre (now 50 dead and 50++ injured).

They were desperately avoiding mention of ISIS, Muslims, or "radicals", so they were yapping on and on about 'not coming to conclusions before the investigation...'  yadayadayada.  You know the drill.

Flipping over to Dan O'Donnell on WISN, we heard that the shooter declared allegiance to ISIS one or two days ago.  Hmmmmm.  S'pose NPR's Birkenstock Brigade of "reporters" heard about that?

At 6:30 this morning, the local authorities firmly stated that this was Muslim terrorism.  But at noon, NPR very carefully avoided mentioning the local authorities, instead declaring that State and Federal folks have not drawn the connection.

NPR News:  Radio by Idiots.


Anonymous said...

Headline should read:

"Registered Democrat kills 50+/- other Registered Democrats"

Lets keep it all in the family. No?

Anonymous said...

Do you think this Islamic Mass Murder in the USA is going helping Briexit? It jumped to 19 points from a 10 point lead? They have a huge immigrant muslim problem over there. I think it will push Trump up in the polls.

Anonymous said...


"Registered Democrat kills 50+/- other Registered Democrats in a city that votes for a Democrat Mayor that appoints incompetent police force which is the Democrat way

Folks who vote for Democrats get what they deserve from their Democrat values. You can't fix stupid.