Wednesday, November 18, 2015

UN: "Kill the Catholics!!"

First, let's get this straight:  "Christians" in the Middle East are actually Catholics.  (Not necessarily Roman Rite; they are also Syriac, Maronite, Coptic, Chaldean, and Armenian.)

It appears that the UN (and the US) have decided that Catholics will be annihilated in the Middle East.

...When Christians flee as refugees they cannot go to UN-run refugee camps because there they face the same persecution and terror from which they fled. If they are not in the refugee camps they are not included in the application process for asylum. The U.S. State Department knows this, but continues to allow the office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to select refugees for asylum with no regard to the endangered Christians and other religious minorities. According to statements in the Sunday Express from an ISIS defector and aid workers in the UN camps, ISIS is sending teams of trained assassins disguised as refugees to kidnap and kill Christians.

And we’ve just learned that the State Department is poised to rule that Yazidis but not Christians are likely to be designated as victims of genocide in Iraq.

The blame is not just with the United Nations and the Obama administration. U.S. organizations who resettle refuges are also to blame. This includes Christian groups that resist any focus on Christian victims of ISIS, and oppose actions by Congress to welcome not just economic migrants but also Christians and other religious minorities victimized by ISIS....

Surely Paul Ryan--a Catholic--will be working to change this!  He'll join hands with Joe Biden, another Catholic, right?


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