Friday, November 06, 2015

Next: Obozo Globo-Gummint!!

Obozo is not finished burying the US!!  He has another card to play.

...Sessions said this isn’t just a “trade agreement” or even a full-fledged treaty. It’s the creation of a new global governing structure akin to the European Union—one that cedes U.S. sovereignty to a yet-to-be-created international governing body.

“At bottom, this is not a mere trade agreement,” Sessions said. “It bears the hallmarks of a nascent European Union. It is another step towards a world where people, goods, and services can travel freely across international boundaries – and a world where those boundaries mean less and less every day....

Because the Senate fast-tracked this treaty, the Senate cannot amend it, nor is it subject to the Constitutional 2/3rds approval requirement.  (That was the Corker prostitution-play.)

So Sessions wants the US Senate to "un-fast-track" this piece of garbage.

Let's see how RoJo votes, eh?

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