Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Disney v. Americans

If it were only Disney!

Conservative Review recaps a (Florida) story about the Disney Dump of US IT workers in favor of cheap imported goods, and of course, Disney added insult to injury by requiring the laid-off US workers to train their replacements--or lose income.


They're hardly the only ones in the business of labor-arbitrage via the H1-B program, but they're easier to boycott than SoCal Edison.

Rubio and Cruz are both on the Massive H1-B Importation bandwagon, perhaps out of ignorance.  But I'm not betting on "ignorance."

Too bad.
A My Sun Coast ABC News report follows the story of David Powers and Leo Perrero, two ten-year vets in Disney’s IT department recently laid off by the company for cheaper labor. - See more at:


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Don't for get to add

McDonalds Versus Americans

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and this made the headlines today.....