Sunday, November 01, 2015

Is "The Fix" to Kill Off Cruz In?

Interesting item here which (in brief) holds that the RNC "fixed" the primary process so that a movement Conservative such as Cruz cannot possibly win the nomination.

Even more interesting:  the beneficiary of this skulduggery was to be Jeb Bush.

Upshot?  To these essayists, the only way around "the fix" is to support The Donald--who will then pick Ted Cruz as his VP nominee.  Well, that part is ....ahhhh....somewhat speculative, no?


If Bush, whose campaign is pure Zombie, simply remains a candidate--and the rest of the field:  Fiorina, Christie, Graham, Rubio, Kashic, manage to split a bunch of primary votes--then Cruz WILL lose.  He cannot win, according to these essayists.

But RNC did not foresee The Donald.

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