Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Rubio vs. the Constitution

It appears that Marco Rubio and Obozo have something in common:  total disregard for the Constitutional legislative process vis-a-vis immigration.  Rubio granted an interview to a notorious immigration activist--partly in Spanish--and this is what emerged.

...Rubio is pledging to carry Obama’s policy: leaving the executive amnesty for DREAMers in place until Congress submits to the order by legislatively ratifying amnesty....

How very nice of him!

...In the interview, Ramos asked Rubio something that Rubio has not been asked in any of the Presidential debates thus far: “Would a President Rubio revoke Deferred Action and executive action by President Barack Obama?”

Rubio declared that he would not “immediately revoke” Obama’s 2012 executive amnesty for illegal minors [DACA]. “I’m not calling for it to be revoked tomorrow, or this week, or right away,” Rubio announced....

Here's his language:

...I think it will have to end at some point, and I hope it will end because of some reform to the immigration laws. It cannot be the permanent policy of the United States but I’m not calling for it to be revoked...

In effect, Rubio is holding Congress hostage on the issue, threatening that he'll keep the Obozo amnesty in place until Congress does what he wants.

Well, if the Constitution is a dead letter to Marco, perhaps he should re-think why any US citizen should bother with the niceties of obeying ANY Federal laws.

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