Friday, November 06, 2015

The Ryan-Dance on TPP Immigration Policy

One thing that Paul Ryan has become very good at:  lying through artful evasions.  I doubt that he learned that from Hillary.  She's not that good at it.  Bill, on the other hand, was noted to be 'an extraordinary liar' by his (D) acquaintances.  No matter where Paul learned it, he uses it when talking about immigration.

So we come to TPP, the until-yesterday Top Secret Treaty.

Ryan told Newsmax that 'TPP doesn't change immigration laws in the US.'

Uh-huh.  It doesn't, technically.  But note well:  Disney and So. Cal. Edison did NOT employ "immigrants" when they brought in a bunch of H1-B's and fired their American IT workers.

See, H1-B's are not "immigrants" under Federal law.  They are "nonimmigrants."

So when TPP 'enhances trade' vis-a-vis US IT workers, that 'enhancement' will be NON-immigrant H1-B workers displacing.......ah, you know the rest.

Norm has the goods, as usual.

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