Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Dear Ms. Subeck: the 2A Is Not About "Hunting"

While it is clear that to (D) politicians at every level the Constitution is scrap paper, it is useful to be reminded of their position.

...“After receiving feedback from some of our colleagues regarding the circulation of a preliminary draft banning semiautomatic assault weapons, the other authors of the bill and I have determined that we will work with the Legislative Reference Bureau to make some revisions to the draft bill to address some concerns that have been raised,” Subeck wrote. Specifically, she and the other advocates of the proposal, Representatives Chris Taylor, Terese Berceau, and Melissa Sargent, were concerned about “the potential impact of LRB 3635 on our state’s sporting heritage.”...

Subeck, Berceau, Taylor, and Sargent are still in the default (D) mode of Barbara Boxer:  let's try to scare everyone!!! with "assault weapon" terminology.  And when they're called on their sub-idiot-level proposal, they suddenly find that "hunting" is really important.

But hunting is not the reason for the Second Amendment. Neither is self-defense.  The Second Amendment was written to prevent federal and state government from over-reaching their charters, something that Ms. Subeck should seriously consider.

Why do I say "seriously consider"?  How about 6 months straight of record gun purchases?  Given the current Democrat Administration's agenda and tactics, that should serve as a Big Red Flag to Ms. Subeck.

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