Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Jay Weber: Here's Why Rush Likes The Donald

This morning, Weber was ranting about the approbation of The Donald by various national pundits.

Well, there's at least ONE reason, Jay.  Maybe you should study the text here.

TRUMP: Our country has no spirit. Our country has no gravitas. Our country doesn’t feel good about itself. And the primary reason is we have no victories....Seven years ago when Obama got elected the one thing I thought that he would be a great cheerleader for the country; he’s not. He’s been a great divider for the country. He’s been one of the great dividers of all time....

RUSH: You think that doesn’t resonate with people that hear that? Every word of that has people — if not for real, euphemistically — standing up and cheering. We don’t have any victories...We’re taking it on the chin against terrorism. We are losing our culture. We are losing institution after institution that made and defined this country’s greatness. All of these things are under constant attack. It’s not that they’re rotting away or withering away. We are losing contests for them! There are people inside and outside this country who detest America, who detest American culture, who detest the founding, and they are hell-bent to change it and reform if and transform it — and they’re winning! And people opposed to that having no to cheer for....

For years, Rush has been an "American Exceptionalism" guy.  There are some problems with that--it needs a ton of definition (or qualification).  But that orientation of Rush's meshes very well with Trump's rhetoric, wrong as Trump is on some other matters.

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