Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Anti-Immigration? Nope. Anti-Life!

This is some of the best deep-dive research I've seen on the 'net.  Thanks, Mr. Wolf!!

...during tonight’s debate, you might well see a commercial about immigration. It will sound perfectly reasonable and feature people of all different races talking about how immigration policy isn’t about race; it’s about the numbers. It will appeal to your sensibilities about immigration and probably strike a chord with exactly how you feel about immigration in the United States. And it will be funded by a leftist Malthusian group whose philosophy was responsible for China’s adoption of its brutal one child policy....

Oh.  Like who??

...before founding FAIR and becoming a hero of the anti-amnesty movement, John Tanton was the founder of Northern Michigan Planned Parenthood and was a Sierra Club organizer. That is why, before realizing that the Democrat party was abandoning the immigration for good, NumbersUSA President Roy Beck repeatedly and openly groused about the need to embrace “population control” as an environmental issue

If you’re a conservative anti-amnesty activist who wants control over the border, respect for United States laws and sovereignty, but doesn’t want forced abortions, sterilizations, radical environmentalist wackoism and anti-Catholic bigotry, then NumbersUSA, FAIR, and CAPS are not your friends.

Yes, indeed.  That is a very important word to the wise.

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