Sunday, November 22, 2015

Pat Caddell: "It's a Revolution, Not a Revolt!"

Wow.  I saw Caddell about 30 years ago; he was in town for some (D) event.  He was right then, and he's not been wrong since (he predicted the re-election of Obozo.) 

Now he thinks that the party's over for the Establishment.  What you see here is the transcript of a video (also available at the link.)

Note this well:  Caddell insisted that the MSM--and the (R) and (D) Establishments--view US politics as binary:  two parties.  He also said that they are wrong.  This is not about "party."  (Remember the Reagan/Teamsters' alliance?)

...The Republican -- the grassroots, a few weeks ago, as they did in December -- giant majorities, over two thirds, wanted their leadership out.  They wanted Boehner gone, and they wanted McConnell gone.  They believed overwhelmingly that they were serving the Chamber of Commerce and other interests at the expense of the beliefs of the grassroots of the party, of ordinary Republicans.

And of course, they're right.  After they won in 2014, they met in December in a back room and gave Obama everything he wanted.  And they said -- oh no, this is only for this time.  We're going to have a continuing resolution, which is all the same funding going on that has been going on.  We won't change that.  But we'll do it next year, when we have an appropriations process.

The one they did in December in the back room, the one that paid off the Wall Street banks basically -- and Jamie Dimon, who was there lobbying -- all those deals done in the back room -- they've all been repeated in this latest get-together between Boehner's aides, McConnell's aides, Pelosi and the White House, for weeks.

And they went into a secret room.  They didn't pass appropriation bills.  They did on defense, but they won't -- and the President vetoed it, and now there will be some battle.  But they didn't.  They made an agreement in which spending would go up across the board, half for defense and half for the nondefense spending; and none of it addressing the dead or any other question.  It's just the same old politics....


He spends some time on the Iran treaty, which was a demi-treason.  Then he goes here:

...Another issue is religious freedom.  You saw the vote in Houston over the question of the ordinance, the one that they were telling ministers they needed to turn in their sermons to be checked about?  Right?  In a city that is 76 percent Hispanic and black, by 61-39, people said no to it.  And now we hear what a hateful city and whatever.  So I think someone should go and [review] all the blacks and Hispanics who voted against it and ask them why they are so hateful and so forth.

The same day that happened, the education department announced that the school in -- I don't want to spend a lot of time on it -- the school in Illinois, which had provided for a transgender student a special place in the locker room, in private.  The Obama Administration said that's not good enough.  They have to be able to -- even though there's anatomical differences between the people in that girls' locker room -- they have to take showers and be openly able to do it.  The privacy of the rest of the students or their parents don't matter.  And they've now announced this is for all schools.

But I want to tell you, I've done some research a little bit, again, inspired by Lee and some others.  And we had found the most amazing results -- the American people don't want a cultural war.  But as I wrote in the analysis, God help the one who starts it.  Because the American people think there's a commonsense solution.

But they will not see -- there's no reason to believe that the people who believe in religious freedom are on the losing side.  They're overwhelmingly popular.  Their positions are overwhelmingly popular....

On Trump, Clinton, Bush, and Rubio:

...the greatest number of people, when given the option -- huge numbers, as much as a fifth of the American people -- are saying they will not vote for either of these.  They don't want this choice.  And we tested Smith on a commonsense, center-right platform, as we had done two years earlier.  We found that Smith was even -- this make-believe candidate was even stronger, because that candidate could defeat -- at that time, in the summer, Bush and Clinton, with 60 percent of the vote, the same that they got with Rubio and Clinton. ...


...There is a real majority in this country, a giant majority, for a change that takes on Washington, that replaces a lot of these people, and does two things, in my opinion -- that rectifies the situation that has happened where the political class has decided they are going to manage the decline of America.  If it's not conscious, it's a subconscious belief.  And a vast majority of American people are not willing to go into that darkness of an America that's in decline, and who want a resurgence in this country -- and one is possible...

He also thinks that ObozoCare, Planned Parenthood, and Benghazi are points on which the Revolution will be fought--to the detriment of HRC (primarily) AND to the (R) Establishment, which has simply blown the coverage.


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