Thursday, November 26, 2015

Chicago Gets What Rahm Deserves

Well, Rahm, you slimebag, you've got your crisis.

As Ticker observes, this is not about "race;" it's about cold-blooded murder one.

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Aged parent said...

This is a knotty problem, on several levels.

When some idiot cop (like that idiot woman cop who tasered the white guy half to death and then shot him - over a traffic violation.....proving once again that women should not be cops or combat soldiers) kills a white guy, there is no crisis. No marches. No media. Nothing.

But when a black guy gets shot, justified or not, their short-fused fellow blacks go berserk and riot, and steal, and...etc. Of course the rioters-for-hire are quickly shipped in by bus and air and are well paid by people like the despicable Soros to join the other rioters and whip up the easily-led masses into collective hysteria.

As a Milwaukeean whose once-peaceful slumbers at night are now disturbed almost every ten minutes by sirens it is hard to automatically blame the cops for these shooting incidents. After all, those never-ending sirens blaring all night are not because people are having heart attacks every few minutes, they are blaring because they are generally chasing after some black thugs or transporting black bodies (alive or dead) to hospital. A fifteen minute stint at the District Seven cop shop as an observer would open many an eye as to what is going on in Milwaukee, and who the perps usually are.

If the cop is wrong then the law should come down on him. But while the law is coming down on him maybe someone could figure out a way to protect everyone else from five or six generations of fatherless black males who are turning Milwaukee and other once-charming cities into a hell on earth.