Friday, November 13, 2015

Nietzsche the Prophet

In the middle of an essay on Tom Wolfe (you MUST read his works), we find Wolfe referring to Nietzsche.

...It is the interaction of this consumer society with post-orthodox America that so fascinates Wolfe. He cites Nietzsche, who after reporting the death of God in 1882 delivered a prophesy of the next 200 years. “He predicted,” said Wolfe in 1996, “that the twentieth century would be a century of ‘wars such as have never happened on earth,’ wars catastrophic beyond all imagining.” World War I, World War II, the threat of Mutual Assured Destruction—that crazy German had a point....

And Nietzsche made a second prediction.

Nietzsche said that mankind would limp on through the twentieth century ‘on the mere pittance’ of the old decaying God-based moral codes. But then, in the twenty-first, would come a period more dreadful than the great wars, a time of ‘the total eclipse of all values’ (in The Will to Power). This would also be a frantic period of ‘revaluation,’ in which people would try to find new systems of values to replace the osteoporotic skeletons of the old. But you will fail, he warned, because you cannot believe in moral codes without simultaneously believing in a god who points at you with his fearsome forefinger and says, ‘Thou shalt’ or ‘Thou shalt not....

Looking at only the two most prominent 'social' decisions of SCOTUS in the last 50 years, Roe and Obergefell, it is difficult to refute Nietzsche's prediction--and looking at the Obozo Perfidy Presidency, it's clear that Nietzsche knew what he was talking about.

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