Tuesday, December 20, 2011

'We'll Just Litigate To a New (Pension) Rule'

Most likely, Jo Ann Schulz is a very nice lady.

The widow of former Milwaukee County Executive David Schulz is suing the county, claiming she was unfairly denied a spouse's "survivorship" pension.

Oh.  Really?

...The county Pension Board, however, ruled in May that Jo Ann Schulz could get no monthly pension benefit because her husband died before he could have collected one, according to the Pension Board's decision.

The board also said she can't get payments because David Schulz never applied for a benefit.

Here's the real threat:

"We will attempt to develop an entitlement," said the lawyer, Franklyn Gimbel. "Dave Schulz put in yeoman's work for the county and (Jo Ann) should be able to step into his shoes" and collect.

If The Hatted One (Gimbel) pulls this off, Milwaukee County's BK filing will follow in 30 days or less.  It ain't just Jo Ann Schulz, folks.

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