Thursday, December 22, 2011

Capuchin Opens Mouth, Removes All Doubt

There's a reason that this poor fellow is a FORMER instructor at St Francis Seminary.

I deplore the English translation of the Roman Missal that has been foisted upon American Catholics. 

Being "a professor of liturgy" is not equivalent to being a Latinist, first off.  Regardless, the elevation of the language and its far less casual approach to mystery and the majesty of God is......objectionable? 

And that 'antiquity' rattle from him is particularly ironic, given the antiquity of the habit which he wears for the picture.


GOR said...

I’ve had some concerns about Franciscans of all stripes (OFM, OFM Conv., OFM-Cap, etc.) for some time. Some of them are not ‘your father’s Franciscans’ – or their Father’s either for that matter. There’s a reason for Father Groeschel’s Franciscans of the Renewal! It seems that the Franciscans – like the Jesuits and others – are semper reformanda…

That Father is a “former professor of Liturgy” is nothing to boast about – given that the ‘Liturgists’ of his age are very much responsible for the Liturgical mess we have in so many places today.

Dad29 said...

Fr Groeschel has one good outfit; there are a couple of other (small) Franciscan good-guys.

And the bunch at Holy Hill seems to be on the right track.

But this one? He forgets Chesterton's democracy of the dead, which happens to be a VERY powerful force in rightly-ordered societies.

RAG said...

What galls me is that this rework is a costly boondoggle. Church resources could be better spent elsewhere. Does Jesus really care?

Dad29 said...

You dont' think that ICEL cost any money, RAG? They were skimming copyright dollars big-time since 1965 (or whenever).

And does Hamilton care if you know what the Constitution actually said? Do you care if your roof doesn't keep out the rain?

It was perfectly clear that the original ICEL work was deeply flawed. It was a gross mis-translation; ergo, it did not serve the purpose for which it was intended.

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