Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The El Paso Diocesan Mess

Lots going on there.

First off, the Bishop (a Cdl. Mahony protege) denied Church teaching regarding homosexual "marriage"--and banished a priest who forcefully delivered the truth to the local political establishment.  Then, a "school" for CCD teachers--run by the Diocese--started delivering all sorts of demi- or full-blown heretical "lessons" to its students.

Then things got even MORE interesting; a well-known Catholic apologist/gunslinger went to El Paso to interview a number of unhappy Catholics (see the videos at the link).  This made the story national.

All of a sudden, the Bishop is transferred to California, and the Catholic apologist gets a nastygram from the Archbishop of Detroit (a pretty solid guy named Vigneron).  The nastygram demands that the apologist remove the term "Catholic" from his organization's title.

But there's a problem with that:  the organization is HQ'd in South Bend, not Detroit.  So Abp Vigneron's demand is .......null and void.

Bishops don't like it when other Bishops are smacked up for their ........*cough*.......laxity, or worse.  In my opinion, (and that of the author of the linked post), that's too damn bad.  It's one thing to push blue vestments over purple ones for Lent.  It's another thing entirely to deny the teaching of the Church on homosex marriage.

Pity the Diocese of Fresno.

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GOR said...

And people wonder why faithful priests keep their heads down…? And it is not just in the US. Bp. Ochoa is a disgrace. He puts the IRS before the Gospel. Of course he had a good teacher in Cdl. Mahony… Like the Bernardin ‘school of protégés’ we continue to suffer from the abysmal bench of bishops here in the US. The stables are not yet cleaned out!