Friday, December 23, 2011

"Oh, Yah! We Need a Candidate to Defeat Walker!"

So in order to defeat Walker, the Unionista Poohbahs want Katy Falk, a much-more-Left version of Hillary Clinton.

That's the ticket!  

But even the ExecDirector of the Cop Union can't buy Falk--he mumbles about "electability" or some such foolishness.

I keep telling you:  there's Dane County, and there's the rest of the State.

Barrett, who campaigned last time around as though he'd rather be having dental surgery without anaesthetics, is keeping his options open.

This will be fun.  A Barrett/Obey/Falk primary should be a boon to the popcorn industry.


Beer, Bicycles and the VRWC said...

Falk? Please,please, please.

Anonymous said...

sure....and most of us will RECALL exactly how we voted last time....and vote the same way.

Saint Revolution said...

One little, two little, three little union thugs "strong-arming" Ferrett NOT to run...:
Union Leaders Urge Barrett Not To Run In Recall Race

Phlegmocrats...puke 'em out and hock 'em up 'til sickness exists no more.

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Kurt said...

It will be a close race. The Supreme Court race was interesting. Sure the Dems picked up alot of blue collar votes they didn't get last time around, but for every blue collar worker who voted Dems, you had sucessfull professionals coming home to the GOP.