Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ron Paul's 10%

It's extremely difficult to believe that all of Ron Paul's supporters actually believe the stuff he wrote.  No question some of them do.

“Order was only restored in L.A. when it came time for the blacks to pick up their welfare checks,” read a typical article from the June 1992 “Special Issue on Racial Terrorism,” a supplement to the Ron Paul Political Report.

... One newsletter reported on the heretofore unknown phenomenon of “Needlin’,” in which “gangs of black girls between the ages of 12 and 14” roamed the streets of New York and injected white women with possibly HIV-infected syringes. Another newsletter warned that “the AIDS patient” should not be allowed to eat in restaurants because “AIDS can be transmitted by saliva,” a strange claim for a physician to make.

... Paul gave credence to the theory, later shown to have been the product of a Soviet disinformation effort, that AIDS had been created in a U.S. government laboratory at Fort Detrick, Maryland.

Umnnnhhhh...OK, Ron.

HT:  Sykes


Gregory said...

You can do better than this dad! At least you can find credible sources!

Sykes is getting his info from James Kirchick. .....
Kirchick hates Ron Paul. ...... He is a Neocon........

James Kirchick
From Wikipedia,
James Kirchick (pronounced /ˈkɜrtʃɨk/; born 1983) is a reporter, foreign correspondent and columnist. He is a fellow with the Foundation for Defense of Democracies in Washington; prior to this he was writer-at-large for Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.
For over three years, Kirchick worked at The New Republic, covering domestic politics, intelligence, and American foreign policy. While he remains a contributing editor for TNR, Mr. Kirchick’s reportage has appeared in The Weekly Standard, The American Interest, The Virginia Quarterly Review, The Columbia Journalism Review, Prospect, Commentary and World Affairs Journal. He writes frequently for newspapers including The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, and Ha’aretz.
Kirchick began to attract national attention in January 2008, when, in an article published in The New Republic, he reported on decades-worth of newsletters published by Republican congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul, characterized by "obsession with conspiracies, sympathy for the right-wing militia movement, and deeply held bigotry against blacks, Jews, and gays."
Kirchick has worked as a reporter for The New York Sun, the New York Daily News, and The Hill, and has been a columnist for the New York Daily News and the Washington Examiner.
Kirchick is a regular book critic and reviews frequently for Azure, Commentary, the Claremont Review of Books, Policy Review, and World Affairs, among others. A leading voice on gay politics, he is a contributing writer to the Advocate, the nation’s largest gay publication, and a recipient of the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association Journalist of the Year Award.

In 2010, Kirchick became involved in a heated debate with TIME Magazine's Joe Klein following a panel discussion at the Jewish Federations of North America's General Assembly, during which Klein accused Kirchick of being a "dishonest [expletive]" and a "[expletiving] propagandist." Kirchik has previously referred to Klein as a "juvenile bully." [1]


2006 National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association Excellence in Student Journalism

2007 Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association Journalist of the Year

Dad29 said...

Source is irrelevant.

Facts are relevant, and he prints the facts--unless you can demonstrate that he's making it all up, of course.

Gregory said...

I will search for that answer.

But keep in mind that we are faced with a choice of crap sandwiches with whomever we vote for.

A Ron Paul Crap sandwich or Santorum Crap sandwich? or a ______ Crap sandwich?

it seems to me that the Santorum crap sandwich has a higher concentration of crap and in many ways represents a Boehner Crap sandwich......

Who is going to spend more?

Dr "No" or Mr. "Earmark" ?

Gregory said...

Seems Dr. Paul is only human and counts on others as all of us do at one time or the other, take a look at the following link...

Dad29 said...

The AmSpec blogsite looked at that; the blogger discounts it.

Either Paul "reviewed every page and initialed it" per the word of one staffer, or he didn't.

You're right: the GOP field ain't good.

Anonymous said...

One last thought, I simply do not want to vote for another lawyer. The field is too lopsided in favor of Lawyers. Santorum is a lawyer, Paul is not.
Wish there was an engineer running or a scientist, but really just no more friggin lawyers......