Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Got the Flu Yet?

There's a very nasty tummy-flu running around.  Violent reaction lasts less than 1 day, but full energy-recovery takes about a week.

Good thing the kiddies aren't in the flu-factory (school) this week.


Saint Revolution said...

You betcha.

I got it, my Ma got it, my brother got it, and it ain't done with this clan yet.

In my life, I've had cryptosporidium twice and swine flu once.

Believe you me, both of those WERE death's door.

This is not...but get ready to puke to the porcelain god for a night.

It IS that kind of flu.

By the by, the nursing home one of my Aunts is in also quarantined down for almost two weeks as did another nursing home in Racine.

It's an ~48 hour bug with the following "linearality":
nausea, followed by,
puke, followed by,
dizzyness/sickness, followed by,
crappy bed-ridden, followed by,
diarrhea at the very end,
then simply a fagged out feeling down the home stretch.

Have a nice day.

Amy said...

Yep. I had it last week. Was home from work 4 days. By about Wednesday afternoon, I wanted to die.

Sickest I've ever been.

Then Wednesday night, it hit my mom, dad and grandmother -- one of them every 4 hours.

The boys had it, too.