Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cellulosic Ethanol? Nope. Sorry!

Another Gummint-funded total fiasco.

...the EPA said that of that 15.2 billion gallon total, cellulosic ethanol would make up 8.65 million gallons, or 0.006 percent. That is considerably short of the 500 million gallon target for 2012 set by congress in 2007 when it wrote the law mandating that 36 billion gallons of non-petroleum biofuels be used in the nation’s transportation fuel mix by 2022.

There's a really, really good reason for that:

...In early 2009, the company said production was not expected until 2010. Undeterred, President Obama’s Department of Agriculture provided an $80 million loan. In May 2009, Range’s former CEO, Mitch Mandich, explained that the problem was that nobody had figured out how to produce cellulosic ethanol in commercial quantities. Whoops.  (Quoting the WSJ)

Feeling particularly masochistic?  Click through to the link and read the editorial to find out how much taxpayer money was shoved down this toilet.

HT  JunkScience

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