Tuesday, December 27, 2011

"Law? Law Does Not Apply to Moi!!"

So babbles forth the Incompetento, Obozo, as he departs for his $4 million Hawaiian vacation.

On Friday, the president signed the $1 trillion omnibus spending bill, which funds the government for the remaining nine months of the fiscal year. Afterward, he released a statement saying he won’t abide by the law because the Justice Department had advised that certain provisions are “subject to well-founded constitutional objections.”

The "Justice" Department?

The ObozoObjection is to the de-funding of the Tsars in his office (inter alia; see the link.)

Holder the race-baiting weapons-smuggler may have his own copy of the facts, but IIRC, the House of Representatives has a great deal of authority over raising and spending tax moneys.

Unless, of course, one believes in the Unitary President theory. 

On the other hand, when GWB ran with that theory, the Obozos of the world screeched like the banshees they really are.

Confusing, eh?

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