Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy New Year, Cavity-Prone Folk!!

Time to polish up your "......when I was a kid...." tooth-stories.

....researchers at the University of Missouri have developed what they think may a device that could eliminate the horrifying buzz of a dentist’s drill going in for a cavity.

In a university press release, researchers state that human trials will soon be underway for a “plasma brush,” making painless — not to mention sound-less — fillings a possibility in the future.

Another fine tradition--getting drilled & filled--going the way of the dinosaurs.  Now you can proudly be a plasma-puss!


Jim said...

I'm going to ask my dentist to pack away a supply of the old drills because I'll be damned if the government or big business is going to tell me I HAVE to use a new-fangled drill.

Dad29 said...

The nice thing about "consumer choice" is that you can do that, Jim.

See!! It works for you too, no matter how many iron mines it takes to satisfy your need for drills.