Thursday, December 29, 2011

Santorum's Economic Plan

Pethokoukis likes it.  He highlights the following:

1. Cut and simplify personal income taxes by cutting the number of tax rates to just two – 10% and 28% returning to the Reagan era pro-growth top tax rate.

4.  Lower the Capital Gains and Dividend tax rates to 12% to spur economic growth and investment.

5.  Reduce taxes for families by tripling the personal deduction for each child

6. Reduce and simplify taxes for families by eliminating marriage tax penalties throughout the federal tax code.

9. Eliminate the corporate income tax for manufacturers – from 35% to 0% – which will spur middle income job creation in the United States and will create a job multiplier effect for workers

Santorum has one of the most politically and economically cohesive policy plans in the GOP field. He wants to help middle-class families and sees tax policy as a way of directly doing that, beyond trying to boost GDP growth. It’s more populist-conservative in many ways than pure free-market/libertarian, the latter of which seems to more reflect the Tea Party trend in GOP economic policy

If you don't think that families and chilluns are a god thing, fine; but you would be wrong.  Demographics is destiny.

I'm not surprised that he refers to the TEA Party as libertarian/free market.  But that's the 'visible' TEA Party folks--IOW, the running-mouth bunch. 


Anonymous said...

Hey Dad, did you see this article about "Congressman Earmark"?

Rick Santorum Sanitizes Stem Cells

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Santorum is the flavor of the week
Here, Listen to this, its much better.

Anonymous said...

listen stating at 17:00

Obama asks for a trillion more and Debt is going up "automatically" because Congress is on Christmas Break......

Anonymous said...

Show me a similar 90 miniute video event by Santorum that I can agree with ( like I agree with the one I just linked to with Ron Paul) and I will vote for him.

Dad, Santorum simply does not pass the sniff test.

Dad29 said...

Ron Paul is daft.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, He seems to like Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn as daft as you do, here is a link to your article talking about Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, and he used Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn at about miniute 40- 41

Yep, your both Daft.

Dad29 said...

Solz. didn't engage in racism, nor hyper-asininity re: AIDS.

Anonymous said...

I think Santorum is as daft as Ron Paul. I see little evidence that Santorum is in any serious way different from other big government conservatives. Also looks like Santorum is another G.W. Bush when it comes to foreign policy. Santorum pretty much believes we should be throwing our weight around all over the place. Santorum wanted us to stay for even longer in Iraq, etc. If you want perpetual war and foolish nation-building projects, vote for Santorum.

--Tom Banks

Dad29 said...

But Paul has his admirers!!

Mr. Black is a former Klansman and member of the American Nazi Party who founded the “white nationalist” website Stormfront in 1995. He donated to Mr. Paul in 2007 and has been photographed with the candidate. Mr. Paul has vocal supporters in Stormfront’s online forum. Mr. Black has repeatedly said he doesn’t currently think Mr. Paul is a “white nationalist.” [...]

Mr. Duke, who was something of a mentor to Mr. Black during their days in the Klan, called in to discuss Mr. Paul. Though he said he wasn’t ready to make an official endorsement, Mr. Duke explained why he’ll be voting for Mr. Paul.

And I didn't get to the "truthers" yet....just the highlights.

Anonymous said...

here is another admirer of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn......

Egads, If your going to throw stones at least you might point out where I can find them......

Dad29 said... you have a point?

Anyone can quote the Bible; it is a given that the Devil knows it better than any human being.

So what?

Anyone can quote Solzhenitsyn, or Plato, or Thomas Aquinas.

Doesn't mean that the rest of their thinking process functions well.

Just means they can read.

Anonymous said...

How is he Daft?
How is his thinking process so wrong?
There are Catholics that support RP too ?

Lets see the argument ,
Reject Ron Paul because he is supported by Duke and Black......

Oh, Okay, that is like.....
Reject Jesus because he is supported by Ted Kennedy

Makes Sense!

You can do much better than that!

Anonymous said...

Hey Dad, Have you read this one?

Rick Santorum: Pure Blind Stupidity?

Dad29 said...

If you want to be a PaulBot, fine.

Start your own blog.

neomom said...

Santorum is a big government social con. Tax policy is only half of it. Where are his proposed spending cuts?

Anonymous said...

Dang, if only there was a valid GOP candidate (like Reagan!) to sail to victory over a colonial kenyan-nihilist. Rick Sanitariom couldn't get a plurality in a state election - what makes him think he could win nationally?

Christie's got three years to shed 160 lbs, learn to stick to his talking points, and gather enough signatures to qualify for the Virginia ballot. I give him 4-1 odds over Hillary in 2016.

Anonymous said...

a Neocon? UH OH!