Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wisconsin Pork in Omnibus

Thanks to Sen. Coburn, we can find the Wisconsin pork in the OmniPork SpendBill.

And we have (when it can be discerned) the Spender-perp who jammed it in.

KOHL: $2.5 million, dairy forage research

KOHL: $1.0 million, US Ag Research Prairie du Sac

KOHL: $375K, Conservation Technology Transfer

BALDWIN: $400K, Institute for Sustainable Agriculture

KOHL: $950K, nutrition enhancement

OBEY: $175K, Pilot Technology Transfer

OBEY: $277K, Potato Pest Management

OBEY: $450K, UW North Extension Aquaculture Demonstration Facility

KOHL: $376K, Urban Horticulture

OBEY: $1.4 million, UW Stevens Point, Institute for Sustainable Technologies

BALDWIN: $416K, Babcock Institute

KAGEN, OBEY: $1.04 million, Chronic Wasting Disease Surveillance

KAGEN, OBEY: $939K Johne's Disease Activities

KAGEN, OBEY: $550K, Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia Monitoring and Management

KAGEN, OBEY: $1.5 million, Wisconsin Livestock Identification

KAGEN, OBEY: $727K, Wolf Predation Management

[????] $727K, Conservation Internships

Frank (MA) $423K, Conservation Planning

KOHL: $516K, Conservation Technology Transfer

OBEY: $835K, Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative

BALDWIN: $892K, Sand County Foundation

KAGEN, KOHL: $2 million, Market Development

KAGEN, KOHL: $350K, Specialty Markets

KOHL: $4.5 million, UWM Center for Water Technology and Policy

KAGEN: $355K, Brown County Public Safety Communications

OBEY: $1 million, Burnett County Public Safety Upgrade

KAGEN: $75K, Green Bay Cop Shop Mobile Technology

KOHL: $400K, Madison Cop Shop, Communications Upgrade

KAGEN: $195K, Marinette County Dispatch Center

KOHL: $100K, Milwaukee Cop Shop, In-Squad Cameras

KOHL: $150K, North Central Wisconsin Communications

OBEY: $500K, NE Wisconsin Public Safety Communications

BALDWIN: $200K, Madison Cop Shop Crime Prevention

KOHL: $150K, Racine Cop Shop, Gang Crime Diversion Program

BALDWIN: $200K, Diverse and Resilient, Inc., Milwaukee

KOHL: $75K, Achieving Employment for Treatment Court Eau Claire

KOHL: $500K, Milwaukee Safe and Sound, Inc.

KOHL: $150K, Sojourner Family Peace Center Milwaukee

OBEY: $500K, Wisconsin Alliance for Children and Families Milwaukee

OBEY: $500K, Children's Service Society Wausau

MOORE: $200K, Growing Power, Inc.

KOHL: $150K, Kenosha Boys and Girls Club

MOORE: $960K, Identification of Immune Tolerance to RhD

MOORE: $1.6 million, Large-Scale Manufacturing of Revolutionary.....

OBEY: $5 million, Northern Wisconsin Environmental Assistance

OBEY: $332K, Relocation of Endangered MusselsOBEY: St Croix River Basin

OBEY: $250K, Investigate the Big EauPleine/Wisconsin River

KAGEN, KOHL: $4.2 million, Green Bay Harbor

KOHL: $988K, Two Rivers Harbor

KOHL, KAGEN: $1 million, replace Kaukauna Generator

MOORE: $500K, Research Anaerobic Tech for Renewable Energy

KOHL: $1 million, R&D, Demonstration of Plug-In Hybrid Electric Drive Kits

OBEY: $450K, Downtown Revolving Loan Fund, Chippewa Falls

KAGEN: $260K, Hmong Disadvantaged Farmer Program

MOORE, KOHL: UW-M Biz Devel/Clean Water

BALDWIN: $800K, Wisconsin Emergency Management

OBEY: $1.750 million, Ladysmith water infrastructure


KOHL: $400K Janesville Wastewater

KOHL: $400K, Waukesha Water Infrastructure

OBEY: $200K, St Croix River Boundary Study

BALDWIN: $2 million, acquisition, Ice Age Trail

OBEY: $200K, St Croix River acquisition

OBEY, KOHL: $500K Chippewa Flowage

KAGEN, KOHL: $2 million, Chequamegon Forest

OBEY: $380K, CESA 10, After School Activities

OBEY: $395K, CESA 11, After School Activities

OBEY: $400K, CESA 12, After School Activities

OBEY: $500K, Lake Superior Big Top

KOHL: $500K, Madison School District

MOORE: $200K Marquette University

KOHL: $400K, UW-Stevens Point

KOHL: $150K, Western Tech LaCrosse

KAGEN: $850K Bay Area Medical Center Marinette

KOHL: $700K, Children's Hospital Milwaukee

KOHL: $500K Chippewa valley Free Clinic

KOHL: $500K Concordia University Pharmacy School

OBEY: $5 million, Family Health Center Marshfield

BALDWIN: $190K, Fowler Memorial Free Dental Clinic

OBEY, KOHL: $300K, Marquette University, Rural Health Outreach

KAGEN: $250K, Menomonee Indian Tribe

BALDWIN: $850K Monroe Clinic

KOHL: $700K, St Mary's Janesville Hospital

KOHL: $250K UW-Rock County Promote Nursing

MOORE: $100K, Westside Healthcare Ass'n

KOHL: $850K, Marquette University Dental Outreach

MOORE: $150K, DryHootch of America, Milwaukee

BALDWIN: $250K, Community Action of Rock/Walworth, Training

OBEY: $250K, Community Foundation of South Wood County

KOHL: $250K, Fox Valley Tech

MOORE: $750K, Goodwill Industries

KOHL: $750K, Lakeshore Tech

KOHL: $350K M A T C Solar Training Program

MOORE, KOHL: $8.3 million, Fire Station at Mitchell Field

OBEY: $12 million, (Military) Field Maintenance Station, Wausau

KOHL: $1 million, New Richmond Airport

KAGEN: $750K Outagamie County Airport

OBEY: $1.75 million, Sawyer County Airport

KOHL: $800K, Wittman Regional Airport

OBEY: $730K, Downtown Chippewa Falls

BALDWIN: $750K Improve RR Crossings

KOHL: $3 million, City of Janesville Transit Services

MOORE: $1 million, Milwaukee County Busses

MOORE: $400K, Center for Veterans' Issues

KAGEN: $1.1 million, Green Bay demolition

BALDWIN, KOHL: $200K Madison WI for "Public Market" Construction

OBEY: $750K, Stevens Point, environmental remediation

MOORE: $250K, Community Advocates New Building

BALDWIN: $300K, Domestic Abuse Intervention, New Building

KOHL: $400K Milwaukee Dept of City Devlopment

BALDWIN: $500K, Town of Madison Novation Technology Center

KOHL: $2 million, United Community Center Senior Center Construction

OBEY: $2 million, City of Wausau

OBEY: $1.75 million, Indianhead Tech

That's not exhaustive, folks, but you get the idea.

HT: RedState/Coburn


Anonymous said...

You must have been so wrapped up with the Christmas season that you forgot to include the "pet" projects for Republicans.

And I'm sure that you could give a specific rationale, based on your intricate knowledge of the purpose for each project listed, why it is deemed "pork".

Perhaps the projects will benefit our society in some way.

For example, the $850K for Marquette University Dental Outreach is used to help pay for a dental professor and two students to treat low-income and Medicaid patients in rural areas.

“We understand that this program is not enough to support the full need for care in these areas, which are suffering from a shortage of dental providers,” said Dr. Bill Lobb, Dean of Marquette's Dental School.

“But we hope that by introducing the students to the level of need and appreciation for their services in these communities, they will consider moving to these areas to practice after graduation.”

Hmmm, maybe the dental students will move to those locations, set up shop, create jobs (!), and help out the local economy.

Sounds like money well spent!

Dad29 said...

The post-language is clear. Info came from a Senate DB (linked for your convenience) and there were ZERO (R) porkies on the list.

You define "nice to have" as "necessary."

I don't.

jimspice said...

Wait. I think you must have left off all the Feingold instances. Can you go back and check and report back. That commie, lefty, fascist, socialist, progressive, good-for-nothing lib-job must have been the top offender, right? Thank God he's been replaced by someone who would never suck up to lobbyists and put a bid in on the hog farm.

Dad29 said...

That commie, lefty, fascist, socialist, progressive, good-for-nothing lib-job

Even at your age, you can learn!!

Anonymous said...

It is not necessary to enable Marquette (CATHOLICS!) students provide dental care for low-income people living out in the styx?

So much for the sanctity of life.
Harsh, man. Thomas Aquinas would not approve of your thought process.

Display Name said...

Says the link: "It's important to note that the database only refers to disclosed earmarks, not the billions in undisclosed earmarks."

Sam Garret said...

I live in Wausau, where our arrogant, liberal mayor and city council just raised already punitive property taxes, then followed up with a 25% increase in water rates. I never heard a peep about the 2 mil handout or what they planned to do with it.