Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lisa Jackson (Wacko Suprema) Gets Sued. Motorists Hurt Worst

Both the automakers AND the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute have filed suit over 'Wacky' Jackson's irresponsible and destructive Corn-A-Holing of motorists (and taxpayers)--not to mention people who cut lawns, blow snow, or use an outboard motor.

The Obama administration ruled in October that gas stations could start selling the corn-based ethanol blend for vehicles built since the 2007 model year. It's an increase from the current blend of 10 percent ethanol. Automakers say they are worried the EPA decision would eventually lead to motorists unknowingly filling up their older cars and trucks with E15 and hurting their engines.

The lawsuit was filed by the automakers, boat manufacturers and outdoor power equipment manufacturers. In the suit, the trade groups say the decision could cause engines to fail and question whether the EPA's approval for E15 fuels for only certain vehicles violates the federal Clean Air Act.

Corn-A-Holing you is the specialty of Chuck Grassley (CornHoler--IA) and a few others.

Lisa Jackson is a willing accomplice, because to her, ANYTHING with an engine is to be destroyed.

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