Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Re-Making the UW System

A very interesting think-piece from WPRI which suggests that the UW System might be granted more autonomy from the State in return for less State money. Christian Schneider wrote it.

So happens that a couple of friends are active as (loosely speaking) advisers to a major UW entity. That entity provides actual, real, genuine, monetary AND prestige to the UW, and to Wisconsin as a whole.

But it is so bound up by Legislative (and UW) policy/procedure requirements that it reminds one of Gulliver's situation in Lilliput.

The report should be examined carefully with the thought that some private-sector ideas could be applied to the UW system without either derogating from the UW's mission NOR costing the taxpayers more.

In fact, it might cost taxpayers less. Examples are provided.

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