Tuesday, December 21, 2010

California City to Turn Off Lights

Noted in passing:

To trim $9 million from their budget, Vista officials say they will shut off half of the city’s residential street lights in March unless property owners agree to pay higher lighting fees.

Were that to happen in Wisconsin, my response would be:

So What?

Not that long ago, there were only a couple of street-lights on Capitol Drive in the City of Brookfield; one hung over the intersection at Brookfield Road.

Since then, automobile headlights have gotten a lot better, not worse.

If you can't drive without street lights, get off the road.


TerryN said...

They don't need to plow and dirt my residential street every time we get a dusting of snow either.

Andrew K said...

Terre Haute doesn't even have streetlights.

GOR said...

I think the same could be applied to many private-sector locations where lights are left on all night - Miller Park parking lot, assorted playing fields in Summer, businesses etc.