Friday, December 17, 2010

The Cost of Corn-A-Holing You

We've mentioned that corn ethanol is, bottom-line, a very, very bad deal.

The cost of these subsidies is passed onto consumers in the form of higher gas prices at the pump. Since the gas mileage is poor compared to regular gasoline, the Congressional Budget Office finds that ethanol has cost consumers an extra $1.78 per gallon of gasoline.

Besides that, ethanol may be causing health problems, requires scads of fresh water, and increases the price of food worldwide.

Another gift from The Blob to you!!


Anonymous said...

On the "bright" side, just a few trillion cobs of subsidized corn-a-hole helped the Rats swallow 2 more years of Bush tax rates (well, except for those who die in the next 2 years).

J. Strupp said...

Who are the rats Steve? The GOP has been in love with this bullshit product for years. Just making sure to give credit where credit is due.