Friday, December 24, 2010

"Oh, Yes. You Have to Pay Dues. Surprise!!"

Another gift from the Doylet. Jo Egelhoff lays it all out for you.

Members of the state’s newest public employee union are not really public employees at all – quite the trick.

In brief: Doylet and his thugs in the Legislature created an entity which would serve as 'the employer' for Wisconsin home-care workers (also called 'personal care assistants'). Never mind that those workers actually work for the people that they care for. But this has nothing to do with reality; this is Doylet & Co. at work.

Since these workers are deemed 'employed' by the State, they can be unionized.

THAT was the point of creating the entity.

(What? You didn't know about this? Well, silly, it was in the State Budget bill. You shoulda known that this is a budget item, stupid.)

Oh, there's more.

The State 'encouraged' the providers to sign up with the new entity and gave the SEIU all the personal data submitted by those providers. Then SEIU contacted those people for the purpose of 'determining interest' in joining the SEIU. Then there would be an election.

That 'election' was, ahhhh..........a foregone conclusion.

The stealth organizing via Wisconsin’s state budget led to a campaign and election; the union won that election May 6 of this year. 1,999 of 5,500 providers voted, with 23% of them, or 1,249 voting yes, 750 voting no and 3,500 not voting.

...Effective July 1, 2011, QHCA providers must charge, at minimum, collectively bargained wages

....and if history is a prologue, those wages will be reduced by (you guessed it) UNION DUES, as is the case in 14 of the 17 States which pulled this scam.

See, in Wisconsin, we had a Doylet, which operated in reverse. It spewed the sewage in the wrong direction: right at the citizens and taxpayers.


Anonymous said...

The "Doylet" couldn't possibly hold all the crap in this post. Can't be having these poor home care workers getting more than minimum wage and standing up for their rights, now can we? When the rich folks show initiative, they're called free enterprise entrepeneurs. When the poor do it, they're called "thugs."

neomom said...

I didn't think you could institute a union without a quorum voting... they didn't get that. It should be nullified from the 3500 non-respondents.

Dad29 said...

The rules were made (in this case) by State law through the budget (!)

But not to worry!!!

NLRB is about to institute a similar scam nationally, not restricted to 'home care workers.'

Instead, ANY workplace may be organized if 3 of 5 workers vote for a drive--even if 4,000 did not vote at all.

neomom said...

Fabulous... (sarc)