Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dumb, Dumber. Rinse, Repeat. STILL Dumb, Dumber

You'd think Teh Lightworker could hire somebody with .......smarts. Or at least sprinkle them with pixie dust, or unicorn juice, or sum'pin.

But no.

The day after a federal judge rules ObamaCare’s mandate unconstitutional, they get an opportunity to let the woman who runs it and the man who directed its defense publish an essay rebutting the critics dancing on the mandate’s grave. Once the editors receive it, though, they see that the argument relies on a canard that has been thoroughly debunked for months — and renders the entire exercise useless. Do the editors kill the celebrity column, or run with it and hope no one notices?

They ran the column, WITH the utterly stupid "auto insurance" argument.

I suppose Holder's been veryveryveryvery busy suing Arizona and Sibelius' excuse is that she's been veryveryveryvery busy granting exemptions.

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Tim Morrissey said...

Perhaps you haven't heard the rumor that the next mandate will be that all business owners, particularly sole proprietorships and LLC's, will be mandated to purchase E+O insurance......