Thursday, September 09, 2010

Why They Hate O'Donnell in Delaware

Roeser advises that the Club Republicans--the Ruling Class--hates O'Donnell for a reason.

Before she ran for the Senate, she conducted various seminars for her Catholic Church. And as an authenticist Catholic had been quoted…get this: "Masturbation is a sin."

Doesn't surprise me that the NRO is campaigning for the RINO, given that sort of stuff.

Let's look at Castle's record.

Castle was one of 10 liberal GOP members to support Bill Clinton on most key issues working to water-down conservative positions on guns, tax cuts and education spending. In 2007 when the Dems took over the House, Castle was one of only three Republicans to vote with the Dems on major liberal issues in Nancy Pelosi’s widely heralded “First 100 Hours” of the Democratic Congress…including ...hiking the minimum wage (which has dire affects on employment)…granting federal funding for research on embryonic stem cells (heedless of the life issue involved and despite the availability and better utility of adult stem cells merely because Planned Parenthood told them to)…pressuring drug companies to lower the cost of pharmaceuticals which worsened the Medicare deficit…cutting interest rates on federalized student loans in half (adding to the deficit)…spending big bucks to “foster energy independence” (windmills).

Since then he voted to bail out financial markets which has prompted national outrage given the markets are back to normal and America continues jobless.

Obviously, Castle, right?


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