Tuesday, May 18, 2010

(D) Thievery Unmasked

How low can they go?

...the Democratic platform is't as original as they would came. In fact, it may have even been borrowed from a group of their socialist fellow travelers. In particular the Communist Party USA who is reportedly suing them

..."They stole our entire platform, rebranded it ‘progressive’, and claimed it as their own,” declared a CPUSA spokesperson at a press conference in San Francisco.

Can't trust ANYBODY any more.

HT: Al


jimspice said...

Well, they stole the whole health care bill from the early '90s Repubs, maybe they're just trying to be more equal opportunity.

Jeremy R. Shown said...

The CPUSA believes in property rights?

I'm confused.

Al said...

Apparently they do when it comes to "intellectual" property.

Like I said at my blog, I was a bit surprized. I honestly thought the 2 parties had merged.

John Foust said...

It is a satire, of course. You think it's real? Really? Show me.

Dad29 said...

No duh, Foustie.

Even without a label, you figured it out.