Friday, May 28, 2010

The LightWorker: Lies and Fairy Tales on BP

I think Malkin characterized The LightWorker's presser correctly: Obama, (The All-Wise and All-Knowing, Peace Be Upon Him) was on remote-control. His voice betrayed his utter boredom with the event.

And he lied, at least once, as demonstrated by PowerLine:

(Q): Why is it taking so long? And did you really act from day one for a worst case scenario?

OBAMA: We did.

This is pure revisionist history. A month ago, the administration's spokesmen explained that their response was graduated as understanding of the magnitude of the spill increased over time.

Then the, ah, ..........grim.......fairy-tale, a common Obama-form of child-abuse--wherein, like Jimmuh Carter, he uses his child as a foil for his ObamaEpicFail.


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