Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Archaic Humor Break

It's a faux-examination---don't try to answer the questions.

1. Draw a historical parallel (after the manner of Plutarch) between Hannibal and Annie Laurie.
2. What internal evidence does the Odyssey afford, that Homer sold his Trojan war-ballads at three yards an obolus?
3. Show the strong presumption there is, that Nox was the god of battles.
4. State reasons for presuming that the practice of lithography may be traced back to the time of Perseus and the Gorgon's head.
5. In what way were the shades on the banks of the Styx supplied with spirits?
6. Show the probability of the College Hornpipe having been used by the students of the Academia; and give passages from Thucydides and Tennyson in support of your answer.

Yes, there are more--and all just as obtuse and enjoyably demented.

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dmurray said...

For emergency use only: If you need to clear a room ask the question, "What are the Marxist goals for Soviet agriculture?" Thank you, Professor Hultquist.