Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"Little Noticed" Field-Muffins in ObamaCare

As the Prof demonstrates, there are a LOT of "little-noticed" turds floating in the ObamaCare bowl.

Samples? Sure!

"A little noticed national calorie labeling rule tucked into the legislation assures that within a couple of years, everyone who walks into a chain restaurant will see calories counts displayed alongside the price of a meal."

"A little-noticed provision in the House-passed health-care plan would strip billions of dollars out of privately run Medicare plans that emphasize wellness and are increasingly popular among retirees in Ohio and nationally."

"A little-noticed provision in the new health care law may not only dramatically increase paperwork for small businesses, but also put them at a disadvantage against their larger competitors."

And, of course, what we mentioned yesterday:

About one-third of employers subject to major requirements of the new health care law may face tax penalties because they offer health insurance that could be considered unaffordable to some employees, a new study says.... It suggests that a little-noticed provision of the law could affect far more employers than Congress had assumed.

There are more.

Well. The Statist/Democrats passed the bill.

NOW we notice there are a lot of problems.


Headless Blogger said...

I'm surprised this one didn't make the list (source - Gateway Pundit).

"Tax on Home Sales. Imposes a 3.8 percent tax on home sales and other real estate transactions."

That's a lot of bacon.

jimspice said...

Maybe if the other side didn't solely occupy themselves with being obstructionist, and worked instead toward a compromised plan...Nah, let's stick with pointing out things that AREN'T in the plan, like "death panels" and just plan on p*ssing and moaning about the results later.

Dad29 said...

It's well-documented that QueenNancy would have NOTHING to do with the (R) party during assembly of this Frankenstein, Jim.

Don't try to play aggrieved.

And the 'death panels' ARE in there, to all except the most obtuse.

But I grant you, QueenNancy did not put them in the index with precisely that title.

Nor, I suppose, did she insert an index-title called "Killing Small Businesses With Mandates."

TerryN said...

Funny, I just got an email from my companies HR Veep titled, Health Care Reform.

"There are numerous items that will impact our company".

impact != benefit


jimspice said...

"And the 'death panels' ARE in there...

Yep, right in the section providing all the funding for abortion.