Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Vox v. Krauthammer

Hooboy. If this develops past the first round, it will be fun to watch.

First, K talks about Paul's victory in KY.:

This is I think a tribute to how radical is the Obama agenda — the spontaneous reaction to overreach, a trillion-dollar stimulus, a health-care takeover, and cap-and-trade, all of that at the beginning of a term. This is an amazing, spontaneous phenomenon,...

Mmmmmmkay. Vox goes ballistic:

Right, it can't possibly be because Bush and his establishment Republican White House rammed the bank bailout down the throats of an unwilling America. What a pathetic attempt at co-option. It's not hard to see that the Republican leadership absolutely hates what is happening and is getting concerned that their plans to send another Dole/McCain sacrificial goat up against Obama in 2012 may be falling apart...

Well. I was one of those who approved of the original TARP deal (not the one that Paulson unilaterally implemented.)

I'm still waiting for the Feds to sell off Citi. And M&I. And all the rest.

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