Sunday, May 23, 2010

Pauken v. Rove (et al)

Tom Pauken speaks out about the NeoCons and BushBoyzzz (yes, that's redundant) and has an interesting Muslim-control thought.

In Bringing America Home, Tom Pauken draws on a life spent in the modern conservative movement—from serving as chairman of the College Republicans during the height of the anti-Vietnam protest movement to working in the Reagan Administration to being state GOP chairman of Texas and now as chairman of the Texas Workforce Commission.

...Pauken argues that “The process of changing the face of American conservatism began with Ronald Reagan’s fateful decision to select George Herbert Walker Bush as his running mate in 1980.”

The author lays an especially hard lash on “neo-cons” within George W. Bush Administration for pursuing what he thinks was an adventurous and interventionist foreign policy. Among his targets are such popular figures on the right as former National Security Council official Elliott Abrams, former Pentagon official Doug Feith, and former UN Ambassador John Bolton. All were encouraged by their “godfather,” Vice President Dick Cheney, whom Pauken describes as “a longtime centrist Republican turned into a neoconservative hawk.

That group, along with Joe Lieberman, is the face of the War Party in the US.

Pauken, a Conservative, thinks very little of the BushBoyzzz' domestic policy:

Pauken blames much of the present-day economic turbulence on the spending policies of the Bush Administration, the domestic agenda of the neocons, and the policies of former Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan, who he says fueled the stock market and housing bubbles of the 1990s. He also attacks the rise of relativism in modern America—in Pauken’s words, “the coarsening of the culture.”

And he offers thought-food:

Two proposals in Bringing America Home that are sure to provoke spirited discussions among conservatives are Pauken’s call for replacing many present taxes with a European-style Value-Added Tax and a closer relationship with Russia to counter radical Islam.

The only problem with ANY kind of tax is the Party Of Government, consisting of the entire (D) apparatus plus the BushBoyzzz-brand (R) gang which Pauken identifies. The POG protects itself and its apparatchiks first; the taxpayer holds the bag and pays off the bonds.

As to a US-Russki alliance contra radical Muslims?

A very interesting thought, indeed. The Russkis have a lot in common with ordinary Americans at the deepest level of culture, and the Muslims are causing a great deal of trouble in the Caucasus and the Russian Federation's southern borders.

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